Creative Teaching Technique: Assumption Busting

In order to teach creative thinking or to bring out, out of the box ideas teachers must teach creatively. Teaching creatively requires teachers to apply their knowledge and use the appropriate techniques to bring out the best in their students. With wide variety of subjects and techniques available no one technique fits the bill for all subjects. However, some popular techniques can be used in most subject fields and can be a great tool to evoke creative thinking. One such technique is ‘assumption busting’.

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What is Assumption Busting?

An assumption is an assumed truth. Assumption busting is the process of questioning the assumed truth, and is particularly effective when one is stuck in a thinking paradigm*paradigm*
➤ (n) systematic arrangement of all the inflected forms of a word
➤ (n) a standard or typical example
➤ (n) the class of all items that can be substituted into the same position (or slot) in a grammatical sentence (are in paradigmatic relation with one another)
➤ (n) the generally accepted perspective of a particular discipline at a given time
or has run out of ideas.

What is the Process of Assumption Busting?

  • List the assumptions – including the obvious ones that you would not consider challenging.
  • Challenge the assumptions – question each assumption. Under what circumstances do these assumptions don’t hold true. Incase you make certain assumptions as you challenge these assumptions; add those to your list of assumptions to challenge them later.

Benefits of Assumption Busting

We all assume things, however this at times prevents us from viewing ideas present in front of us or generating new possibilities. Deliberately challenging previously assumed ideas and addressing unquestioned assumptions stimulates creative thinking.