Say “No” to Study pressure

The Board exams today seem like a roller coaster ride for both the parents and the students. Grade 10 and Grade 12 hover over the life of students like honey bees hovering over their bee-hives. Most of the students have to deal with enormous pressure from family, friends, teachers and not to forget peers too. If this isn’t less, a large number of students in India are propelled into the streams of medicine and engineering. This turns out to be a wicked blow for those interested who have a great deal of passion towards arts, music and other talents. They have to sacrifice their dreams and passion to suit the so called “acceptable” strata of the society.

The scores in the 10th and the 12th grade pave way for admissions into reputed colleges. This is the reason why top grades are considered to be extremely crucial. Kudos to the enforcement of The Right to Education Act and its reforms that transformed the educational scenario in India to some extent by adding a fun-filled touch to the learning process and erasing the traditional concept of rote learning.

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Tips for dealing with Study pressure:

  1. *Study to learn and understand: *Studying for the sake of marks is not going to help you in the long run. You need to learn, understand and apply the same in your examinations. Understanding of concepts facilitates better learning and retaining. This also helps in scoring better grades. Learning should not be confined to only books but you can also express a lot more through your projects. Such a pattern of studying helps you to learn in a fun-filled manner and evade study pressure and pressure of scoring good grades.
  2. You can also rely on technology for studying: *Effective study techniques play a pivotal*pivotal*
    ➤ (s) being of crucial importance
    role in improvement of scores. Adhering to SQ4R, O TAKG-SPIR (R), SQ3R and PQRST techniques can help you learn better. These techniques imbibeimbibe*
    ➤ (v) take in, also metaphorically
    ➤ (v) take (gas, light or heat) into a solution
    ➤ (v) take in liquids
    ➤ (v) receive into the mind and retain
    qualities of inquisitiveness and creative thinking too. Digital technology can help you to improve your comprehension skills through audio visual presentations and videos.
  3. *A good study plan does wonders: *A good study plan helps you to discipline yourself pertaining to studies. A routine study pattern helps to revise, review and retain information learnt and studied.
  4. *Exercises and hobbies help you to de-stress: *Start your studies way ahead of your examinations. Design a study plan wherein you have time for exercises and hobbies that can evade study pressure. This can help you to stay focused and concentrate properly. Never study for the exams at the last moment. This can pressurize you a lot.
  5. *You can share your feelings with your parents, friends and teachers: *Regular studies with relevant breaks can help you to accomplish your study goals with better understanding and retention of all the subjects in question. A few discussion with family, friends and teachers can help you to share your fears, tensions and resolve them with utmost care and caution. Good food, exercises, good sleeping habits and regular studies with frequent revision intervals can boost your confidence and help you to have a smooth academic journey without any pressure.

I hope these tips can help you to evade the study pressures and help you earn in a positive, joyous and stress –free environment and score exceptional grades in your nearing examinations.