9 Safety Tips Against Fire Hazards

Safety and security of our children and loved one is our biggest priority. In that case it is also very important to teach our children about the possible safety hazards, and equip them to deal with these hazard if the situation arises. One such hazard that we look in to today is safety and precaution against fire.


Safety Tips You Must Follow

  • *Fire Alarms: *First and foremost install fire alarms and smoke detectors. And make sure you regularly check the working of fire alarms in your house. Proper and timely detection of fire can save you, your family, and your neighbors a lot of damage. Research has shown that working smoke alarms reduce damages by 50%.
  • Fire Exit Plan: Incase of emergency your child must have the knowledge of how and where to exit the house from. Educate the children about how to exit, and look for signs of caution while exiting the house. This reduces panic in a bad situation.
  • Leave Immediately: This is the basic rule, don’t panic and evacuate the house immediately.
  • Pull The Alarm: Incase you are in an apartment building, hotel, commercial complex, or a big building and detect fire even though you don’t hear an alarm, pull the alarm to notify all occupants instantly. Then evacuate the building from the nearest exit.
  • Keep Smoke Out: Incase you are unable to escape the building or house try and keep smoke out of the room you are stuck in by covering the vents and cracks of the doors. And call the emergency number.
  • *Keep Off Flammable Items: *Keep flammable items secured safely in the house. Turn off gasoline supply at night and make sure the fireplace is secure. Also keep flammable items away from areas that use fire i.e. kitchen.
  • Install Safety Barriers: In order to keep your house child friendly and safe, install safety barriers in front of fireplaces, ovens and furnaces.
  • Blow Out Candles: Don’t leave candles unattended and make sure they are kept in a safe distance from things that can catch fire. Make sure they are out of reach from children.
  • Teach Children Not To Play With Fire: Keep matches, lighters, and other fire related equipment out of children’s reach. Also teach your children against playing with fire, and the precautions and damages related to fire.

These small points go a long way in making our homes a safe and secure place to live.