8 Ways Colouring Benefits Your Child

Colouring is a great way for your children to engage in a creative activity that allows them to express themselves. But we have never really thought of colouring as more than anything but that! However studies show that colouring helps children develop cognitive, psychological and creative skills. So much so that there is a raving trend where adults are getting back to colouring for its holistic benefits.

11410107<em>6037103952306</em>1625789016_n-2Let’s take a deep look into how colouring benefits your child:

  • Improves Handwriting: A child needs strength in their hands to work a pencil properly. Colouring teaches the child the proper way to hold a writing tool, thus having a positive impact on his/her handwriting.
  • Improves Motor Skills: The actions, grip and motion required to colour aid the development of muscles of the fingers, hand, and wrists. This enables them to write more skillfully.
    Image Source: http://cogop.org/children/deuteronomy-67-lets-help-parents-do-it/
  • Hand And Eye Coordination: Identifying colours, choosing which colours to use where, and applying the colour in the defined boundaries of the sketch cultivates strong hand-eye coordination. Colouring from a young age is a great activity to boost the workings of a child’s brain and nervous system.
  • Self Expression: What a child draws and colours says a lot about their state of mind. Not all children like to express themselves vocally, but if you pay attention to their drawings and colouring activity you’ll learn a lot about your child’s thoughts.
    Image Source: https://poppahouser.wordpress.com/2015/05/06/help-i-dont-like-coloring-with-my-kid/
  • Improves Focus: Studies show that children who spend their time colouring have better concentration and focus.
  • Builds Confidence: A sense of achievement on completing a page or a drawing gives the child a boost of confidence. This helps in building their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.
  • *Stress Buster: *Colouring has been proven to have therapeutic abilities. It allows the child a space to vent of their feelings, frustrations, emotions, and expression through colouring.
    Image Source: http://imgarcade.com/1/children-coloring-with-crayons/
  • Stimulates Creativity: As a form of expression colouring provides your child a space to express him/herself in their own unique away. This promotes creative thinking, and self-expression.

With so many benefits of colouring besides it being a fun activity, it’s time to bring out those sheets, and crayon boxes and start colouring. Indulge in an evening of colour and fun with your child, and see what art you can create together.