REWARD Method - Tips To Remember During An Exam

Acronyms help us remember important information in a condensed form. They also prove fruitful if we are unable to recall all points or remember all information under exam conditions. One such acronym you must remember while undertaking an exam is REWARD!

What Does REWARD Stand For?


Lets Elaborate!* *

Even though the picture is by and large self-explanatory but let me just add some detail to every point.

  • *Read The Question Carefully: *Under exam condition we sometime miss the essence of the question by just focusing on the key points in the question. Student sometime have missed key words and written about something the question wasn’t even asking.

For example:

Explain the workings of ‘xyz’ theory? And how does it impact the economic growth in India?

Note that the question has been broken into two parts. It is important for you to address both parts of the question. Also look at the key elements that the question is posing you to answer. The bold words in the above question are key words.

  • *Easy Questions First: *Answering questions that you feel certain off first  helps calm down your nerves, boosts your confidence, and ensures you have obtained a certain grip on your exam. And it also ensures that incase later you are running out of time that you haven’t missed questions you knew the answer to. So secure your marks by answering the questions you are sure you know the answer to first!

  • Write A Brief Outline To Your Answer: Before you write a detailed answer, note down the important points, and a brief outline on how you want to structure your answer. This will make sure you don’t miss out on any important points, it will give a flow and structure to your answer, and incorporate a more orderly manner of writing.

  • *Account For Time: *Distribute your time wisely. Allocate time based on the type of question; it’s weightage, and your knowledge on the subject. If you  are stuck at a point and are unable to go ahead, leave that question and come back to it later. Spend more time on questions with higher weightage – pages and pages on a question worth 2 marks are not going to get you anymore than 2 marks. So write wisely!

  • *Review Your Answers: *Keep time in the end to review what you have written. This give you time to read or check what you have written. It also give you time to recall if you have missed any point, or written a wrong point.

  • *Delete Anything Extra/Add Anything You Have Missed: *While reviewing your answers delete anything extra that you feel takes away from the answer. Cut out your rough workings, extra notes, or any information that is not required. Also add any points that you may have missed out, as well as highlight/underline important points.

*Remember this acronym to make sure that while you are writing an exam you don’t miss out on any important information. We want you to be fully REWARD-ed!! *