Creativity and its importance in Education

“The Only thing that is constant is Change”- Heraclitus

Time and Change wait for none and the same principle is applicable for the education industry. The education industry has evolved           from time to time bringing in new rules suitable for the present generation. Most parents have to ensure that they equip their kids with skills necessary to tackle various familiar and non-familiar issues in life. Creativity in education is the only tool that can aid the parents in reaching their goals. Let’s try to understand the meaning of creativity and its significance in education.

Understanding the concept of Creativity:

Creativity is a unique quality that processes and produces ideas that are exceptional in nature. Such a display of exceptional quality usually adds value to a person. This quality of creativity makes a person look at things with a different perspective and also explores various other upcoming possibilities.

*Creativity of children in education: *

In the educational field it is extremely essential to prioritize creativity with utmost importance. It has been estimated by various researchers that creativity is one of the vital trait towards achieving success. The American School Board Journal has rendered a few guidelines to determine the significance of creativity in education.

  • Creativity helps the kids in retaining the information learnt for a longer duration.
  • Sessions of creative play can help children to stay calm.
  • Creativity established the connection between education and reality. Creativity widens the scope of contexts in education.
  • It is a widely accepted fact that kids tend to learn efficiently in a happy and joyous environment. Therefore, kids feel motivated and are attracted towards school thus depicting a rise in the percentage of attendance of the students.
  • Creativity in education teaches the students about their respective surrounding and the environment that they are a part of. This can make the students feel responsible towards their nation.

Students can face their personal and academic challenges only if we as parents identify their creative potential and understand it to carve their successful academic path.