Road safety is crucial for children

Every day we bump into news on accidents. Sometimes it’s the newspaper that gives us the glimpse of the mishaps or it’s the news flashes on the TV. If this isn’t enough we still have our Yahoo, Google and other social media mediums to do so. It is extremely saddening to admit that such a democratically strong country ranks so low on the road safety charts? Road safety is one of the most important lessons to be taught to the children below 10 years of age. It is quite evident that kids are the ones who are at higher risk of meeting with accidents. Therefore it’s instrumental to see that the kids cross roads under the supervision of elders. So, I request you all to teach road safety to your kids.

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Reasons for teaching road safety:

One of the main causes of such accidents is cited to be the unpredictable behavior of the children. Moreover, the driver may not be able to see the small children properly due to their tiny structure. Moreover, they cannot predict the exact distance and speed of the vehicle coming and may get a shock for life.

Important Road safety rules for kids:

One needs to give these crucial lessons to children on road safety. This is how you can help them to grow into responsible citizens of a country.

  • Follow the Look LRL rule: Teach kids to look Left first followed by Right and then Left again. Ensure that the kids are holding the hands of the elders while crossing the roads.
  • Running is Forbidden: Parents/ elders have to ensure that kids have to understand the importance of holding hands of the elders. Teaching children to be calm on roads can prevent several mishaps.
  • Choose walking on footpath over road: Footpaths or sidewalks are meant for pedestrians. If the elders adhere to these rules, automatically kids will follow what you do. Therefore the responsibility of teaching this rule entirely vests with the elders/ parents of the child.
  • Explaining about Red, Yellow and Green lights : Teach your child what each color of traffic light signifies. The child needs to know that red is stop and green is go in the first place. You can also teach what the yellow color signifies to the kids. Teaching other road signs is also beneficial to the child.
  • Play zones are important : Parents/ elders have to teach their children about the importance of play zones and how dangerous it is to play outside them. Playing on roads is not a good sign and can lead to a mishap.
  • Wear bright colored clothes: Wearing bright colored clothes can be extremely helpful to detect people and avoid accidents.
  • R children are iding bicycle on the bicycle track only: While children are riding bicycles, parents have to ensure that they wear helmets and other safety gears. The bicycle accessories have to be checked twice. For instance : horn, brakes, steering etc.

These safety rules if followed on proper grounds can ensure that your children can learn and follow them effectively and efficiently.