Strategies to Discipline your teenager

Teenage tantrums and mood swings can be tricky and most of the parents find it difficult to deal with them. To understand a teenager one needs to understand his/her thought process. This can help parents to set boundaries for their teenagers and implement rules effectively to discipline them.

As I always say, Parenting is not easy. Setting the rules of behavior and imbibing them in the children at an early age can help parents in regulating the behavior of children during their teenage years. But this is not the ultimate solution, sometimes well behaved kids can turn into rebellious teenagers too. Let us explore a few strategies that can help you to discipline your teenager.

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1. Creating a respectful environment for the teenager: It is extremely crucial for you to treat your teenager with a lot of respect. Most of the teenagers perceive themselves to be at par with the adults and expect to be treated in the same manner. Therefore, one has to ensure that the tone in which you interact with your teenager is respectful. Scolding your teenager will not suffice the cause. You will have to tackle this issue with a lot of patience.
2. Clarify your expectations with discussions: Talk to your teenager about the significance of goals and related expectations of them. Ensure that the expectations are practical and realistic in nature.
3. Assure your support towards your teen: You ought to assure your teen that you shall be with him/her against any odds. Your assurance can improvise your relationship with your teen in no time. Every time your teen tests you remember to understand the needs of your teenager first. Secondly, be prepared to fit into multiple roles to support your teen.
4. Teaching your child to understand the implications of their actions: One thing is to be borne in mind as a parent is that you should make your teen accountable for all his/her actions. You don’t have to punish them just making them aware of the repercussions of their acts can do wonders.
5. Learning from mistakes is a good thing: Ensure that you don’t have to sit lecturing your errant*errant*
➤ (s) straying from the right course or from accepted standards
➤ (s) uncontrolled motion that is irregular or unpredictable
teen. Instead make them think on the wrongs by posing questions and compel them to find a relevant solution for the problem that has arised.

You as a parent should be a role model for your teen and mentor*mentor*
➤ (n) a wise and trusted guide and advisor
➤ (v) serve as a teacher or trusted counselor
him/her whenever required. Befriend your teen and be friends for life.