The Wicked Teen Stress

The term “Stress” has been making rounds over the past few years at a lightning speed. Blame it on the lifestyle, the technological advancements or the competitive world; stress is stretching its reach across the globe. The most surprising fact is that the most affected with stress are the teenagers. At times stress is considered to be a good thing to motivate a few people to perform better. On the contrary, stress can be so overwhelming that it can lead a person into depression, anxiety and panic attacks, nervous breakdowns and stomach ulcers too.

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Understanding the meaning of Stress:

Stress in simple words is the outcome of the responses rendered by human bodies that strengthen their energy and attention while facing challenges. If you have a positive approach towards life and are set to face the challenges, stress helps you to stay motivated and achieve your goal.

Warning signs of Stress in Teens: These are the warning signs if your tee

  1. Gets extremely angry for no reason
  2. Fails to relax
  3. Feels hopeless
  4. Has a lot of mood swings
  5. Sleeps for longer times most of the times
  6. Keeps crying
  7. Is not enthusiastic in doing anything
  8. Appears to be nervous and kranky
  9. Has less energy
  10. Feels sick all the time
  11. Extreme gain or loss of weight
  12. Irregularity in the eating orders
  13. Difficulty in taking decisions and judgements
  14. Is prone to infections and colds all the time
  15. Fails to remember things

Causes of Stress:

There could be several causes of stress among the teens. Below are a few causes that could lead to stress.

  • Social stress
  • Stress as a result of traumatic events
  • Academic Stress
  • Stress arising out of family issues
  • Stress due to failed relationships
  • Financial stress
  • Stress as a result of certain psychological and physical changes
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can lead to stress
  • A change is the routine can be stressful too.

Overcoming Teen Stress:

If you find that your teen is stressed and is unable to combat it, it is always advisable to visit your family physician who can guide you on this. You can also seek help from counselors in your teen’s school too.

As a parent you are under a moral obligation to motivate your teen to be optimistic towards life. Do not pressurize your teen to meet the expectations set by others for him/her. Teach them that are good and are accepted by all.