13 Things To Remember On Your Exam Day

So the D-Day has come and it’s the morning of your exam! Fret not. You’ve done your revision, put in all the hard work, and it’s finally time to test all the knowledge you have acquired. But the day of the exam can be quite terrifying and nerve wrecking. So to help you cruise through your day without any hiccups and allowing you to perform your 100%, here are a few tips that will help you shine.

Image Source: https://www.pm-partners.com.au/insights/6-exam-day-tips-project-management-professional-pmp-examination/
Image Source: https://www.pm-partners.com.au/insights/6-exam-day-tips-project-management-professional-pmp-examination/
- Go to bed on time and wake up early.
- Check for exam venues/time/day and make sure you have all information correct to the T. - Eat a good breakfast – you don’t want a rumbling tummy while writing your exam. - Check you bag before leaving the house for your stationary, student ID, water bottle etc. (Read more about things to take to the exam at: http://blog.flipclass.com/2015/11/19/15-things-to-remember-to-take-to-the-exam-hall/) - Leave little early to account for/avoid any unexpected delays. - Avoid anxious and nervous people; you don’t want them making you nervous. - Use the toilet before heading inside the exam hall. - Fill all the required details on the answer sheet before answering the questions. You’ll forget to do this later, so do it before the exam starts. - Read the question carefully! - Answer the easy questions first. - Plan out the time you want to spend on each answer, and try to stick with in the allocated time. - Ask the examiner about any doubts you have about the question. - Review your answers before submitting.

Once the exam is over relax and stay confident. You’ve done your part, now it’s time to relax.