Oops!! I forgot to remember my Homework

Homework stands as an ally with most of the school students residing in their books, awaiting completion and at the same time alarming them of their next day’s punitive*punitive*
➤ (a) inflicting punishment
…by BeeDictionary.com
episodes in schools. Homework follows us all wherever we go during the schooling years. We never realize why we are assigned homework; the main reason being helping us to practice the classroom learnings and understand them better. Often, students refrain from doing homework and come up with a creative excuse for the same before their concerned teachers. Let us explore a few excuses cooked up by the students in this article.

Image source : suburbanrobin.blogspot.com
Image source : suburbanrobin.blogspot.com
- Was it due today? Umm I forgot it completely: This is one of the most common excuses given by the students for not completing their homework. Don’t try to fool your teacher. You will be in soup.
- I forgot my book at home: For god’s sake stop fooling yourself and your teacher by citing this reason. Most of the people will never accept this excuse as it is extremely difficult for anyone to believe that you forgot the same book that had the homework. - Someone in the family or among distant relatives died: This is one of the most cited reason for not completing the homework. For instance: Grandma’s death, uncle’s death, cousin’s death, pet’s death, neighbor’s death are some common reasons cited by students. The teacher may not cross check with the facts as it would seem extremely unethical. - I was unwell yesterday*: I bet every teacher finds it to be one of the funniest answers from the students. Citing this reason will automatically prove that you are lying. This is because there is no magic potion*potion*
➤ (n) a medicinal or magical or poisonous beverage
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that can cure your illness in a very short span of time. So think twice before telling this to your teacher. - A function at home: Yet again, a very common reason for not completing the homework. Teachers are aware that you are lying yet they may not question you for the same because you may not be completely involved in the preparations of the functions and if so, then asking the question may offend you. - Attended a function at a friend’s/relative’s place: This may seem like a cover up for not completing the assigned homework as one will return home post function and there will be time to complete the home work. So, citing this reason will do no good. - I was babysitting my sister / brother: Never try to cite this reason as the likelihood of babysitting a younger siblingsibling*
➤ (n) a person's brother or sister
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may seem to be a rare instance. Teachers may find it hard to believe your fake babysitting tale. In rarest cases, if they believe your truth they may sympathize with you. - Telling the truth is the best option: This may be the right thing to do. Telling the truth will always impress your teacher and he/she may give you an additional time to complete your assignment or the homework.

It is extremely crucial on your part to check your books on a daily basis to ensure that you complete your homework. Completing your homework on a regular basis will always be beneficial to you during your academic journey.

Remember one thing, excuses may seem alluring at the first instance but are not going to help you if you get addicted to them. No one will believe you if you keep citing reasons and excuses periodically.