5 Ways To Plan Your Study Space

Finding a comfortable spot to study in, or arranging your room to provide for a good study environment can be the key factor in determining your focus levels, or means of distraction. A well-planned study environment is very important improving results in terms of motivation, attention, retention of information, and dedication towards studying.

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When you are able to build study spot in the house and create a good learning space with the use of the right furnishings, it turns out in to a study haven. Be it a spot in your room or a room in your house; keep in mind these few things while building your learning nest.

  • *Personalize Your Space: *Put up posters or post it notes with motivational quotes, add some study facts on the pin board, stick pictures of places you wish to travel, or map out your study plan. Decorate your place with things that will motivate you to do better, provide some learning material or act as reminders, and use colors that soothe or appeal to you. Making that space your own will make it an extremely comfortable spot to study in.
  • Organize Your Space: Make sure your study material is marked and kept in order. All papers are filed and marked in order, the files on your computer are in order, plan a study chart and divide your time wisely. A clean space provides less distraction, and easy access to material; and an organized use of time promotes efficiency, and effectiveness of learning.

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- Get Yourself Comfortable: Studying on the bed is futile, you’ll find yourself drifting away. Build your study space around a desk and an extremely comfortable chair. Also find a spot with good lighting (natural lighting, and a good lamp). Get a chair that isn’t too bulky and allows for easy movement. Also remember to that it supports good posture.
- Block All Distraction: Find a space that is away from noisy areas, for e.g. stay away from the television room, and the kitchen. Keep your phone at bay, and disconnect from social networking sites, video games, and other distractive material. - Stay Equipped: Before sitting down to study, make sure all your study material and supplies are in place, and easily available. This means it should be in close enough proximity that you should not be required to get up from the desk.

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Spend some time in building a good study space, but don’t spend too much time in creating the perfect space. In the end it’s about studying effectively!