Need help in Structuring an Essay?

Academic essays are a compilation of persuasive thoughts represented in the form of writing. These ideas are essentially in the form of intellectual reasonings, facts, discoveries and sensible thesis embellished with the wrapping of excellent English. The main intention behind writing an academic essay is to convince and impress the admission officer or the reader. An exceptional essay requires you to pen it with deep conviction and perfection. The structure of every essay depends upon its focus. The order in which the reader receives the information has to be structured diligently.

Anatomy of an essay:

Every essay contains scores on information divided into various sections. The initial paragraph introduces the essay with defined arguments. This is followed by various sections that deal with analyzing the information rendered in the argument. Pointing the counter arguments and answering the same is followed in the next paragraphs. Finally, the essay ends with a challenging and thoughtful conclusion. Among these sections it is the introduction and the conclusion that have the fixed locations in the essay. The location of the other informative paragraphs may vary. This is because between the introduction and the conclusion several other sections like summary or historical information etc. can also be incorporated.

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The various sections in the body of an essay often answer the following questions the reader may ask while following your write up (thesis).

The first question is what? The reader may require you to prove: What is the evidence with you to prove your thesis right? You will have to ensure that the evidences stated by you in the essay are authentic to the core. Your claim should be backed by observations and authentic citations.  The next questions that pops up is how? The reader may require you to prove how can your argument withstand the challenge posed by the counter arguments in this regard? This section can be answered with strong declarative statements with a few representations of statistical data, facts and figures that completely negate*negate*
➤ (v) be in contradiction with
➤ (v) deny the truth of
➤ (v) prove negative; show to be false
➤ (v) make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of
the counter claims. The third question that resides in the mind of a reader is why? It may seem interesting for the reader to know why your interpretation is significant for others too. Why others have to relate themselves to the pointers explained in your thesis? You will have to put your heart and soul to answer this point. Explain the significance of your essay and also your argument.

Written narrative to map the essay:

Understanding the reader’s logic is instrumental while penning an essay. You will have to unfold your arguments with the information that you think the reader should know. Mapping your essays will help you to understand whether your reader would be interested in reading a brief narrative or a summary or would be much interested in statistical data. Ensure that your essay has an interactive side to it. Such techniques will give an interesting touch to your write up and keep the reader engaged too.

Things to avoid in an essay:  Avoiding a few things in an essay can be beneficial for you.

  • Avoid long narratives: Too long and extremely complex details can be boring. The best thing to do here is to explain a point and support it with the help of an illustration. This can enhance the overall appeal of your essay.
  • Never overdo the citations: Citations can also be added to give it a referential outlook. The citations can help the reader to understand how well researched the essay is. Adding too many citations can spoil the entire outlook.
  • *Never forget to check for grammatical and spell errors: *A good essay is the one that is free of errors (grammatical and spell).
  • Never write the final essay in your first attempt: Always make a draft copy of your write up. Edit the changes to be made in the draft copy itself and then go for writing your final copy of write up to be submitted.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. You can make suggestions through your valuable comments.

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