Middle schoolers and Economics Lesson plans

Understanding Economics can be tricky for adults. Imagine how difficult it may appear to the students? Every teacher has to understand this thumb rule – to understand a subject one has to understand the basic terms and the concepts of the subject. On the same footing, to ace the subject of economics it is instrumental to understand the primary concepts of economics and the economic model. Giving the right and strong foundation of Economics to the students will not only help them to understand the subject better but also prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Here are a few tips to create Economics Lesson plans:

  • Introduction to and understanding of Economy and Economics: Introducing Economics requires you to bring in a few commonly used terms to give the students a clear understanding of the subject.
  • The concept of Resources is crucial: Resources form an integral part of any economy. You will have to convince the students about the wide meaning of the term “Resources”. The meaning of the term resources is not confined to money alone. It also includes natural resources, people, assets, materials etc. Use flash cards to teach the concept of Resources.
    Image source: economics.mrdonn.org
    Image source: economics.mrdonn.org
  • Understanding the term Scarcity: The term ‘scarcity’ means shortfall. You can design a few activities to help students understand the importance of having resources in abundance and how scarcity can hamper the economic growth of the country. Activities help them to understand the term and the subject too. For instance: you can ask the students to enact a play that speaks about scarcity.
  • You can teach the economic model to the students: Economic model gives a graphical representation of the working of the economy. It is a visual aid to the students to understand the working of an economy. Try to create a hypothetical example of your own to help students understand this concept better.
  • Economic crisis is another important aspect of learning Economics: It is extremely crucial for the students to learn about Economic crisis and financial emergencies that occur in a country. Likewise, the causes behind such atrocious occurrences, the consequences of such occurrences and the precautions to be taken to avoid such occurrences has to be understood. You can teach this topic and ask the students to prepare some projects depicting a few financial crisis that occurred across the world.
  • Assessment helps to determine the understanding of the subject: As a teacher you will have to ensure that all the students have understood the topics taught in the classroom. You can create assessment sheets by incorporating quizzes, matching the data’s, filling the blanks in the sheet to review the understanding of the topic taught in the class. Such assessments even help you to improvise on your own teaching style.


I hope the above mentioned tips help you as a teacher to design fabulous lesson plans in the subject of Economics.